What we do…

photo(3)We organise great little music performances atop the High Level Bridge in Edmonton. We book the best local folk/blues/roots/R&B artists, and sometimes touring acts. At a streetcar show you are guaranteed high quality acts, in an intimate performance, playing for a listening audience. 

For all shows we meet at the back of the Arts Barns, by the tracks. The authentic Edmontonian streetcar (from 1912) takes us to the High Level Bridge and stops right in the middle of it for a first set of music and wonderful views of the grand North Saskatchewan and the river valley. After crossing the river and a little break we return for a second stop on the bridge with more music.
Want an impression of the shows? Check out Peter Seal’s website!

Secret Streetcar Shows are TRULY a hidden gem of Edmonton. The only way to find out about the shows is to be on the mailing list (please see note in right side bar). Tickets sell out very fast to people on the mailing list alone and are sometimes also announced on Facebook and Twitter, if there are last minute tickets available. Also keep an eye on our Eventbrite page!

Artists will be announced in the mail outs only.
All shows are 2 hours, tickets are $33.
Please consider: these concerts are literally one-of-a-kind. To have high quality live music shows on a 100+year old streetcar, on a 100+year old bridge over a majestic river, at sunset is (as far as we know) done nowhere else in the world. The $33 per ticket covers the price of the ride, decent pay for the musicians, and a small amount to keep our non-profit organization running.

We think it’s entirely worth it. We hope you will too.


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